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This project applies a Participative Approach to Disease Global Management to develop and demonstrate, in a pilot study, an Internet based reference framework to share scientific resources and findings in the treatment of major diseases.

PARADIGMA defines and disseminates a common methodology and optimised protocols (Clinical Pathways ) to support service functions directed to patients and individuals on matters like prevention, post-hospitalisation support and awareness.

PARADIGMA will provide a platform of information services - user oriented and optimised against social, cultural and technological constraints - supporting the Health Care Global Sytem of the Euro-Mediterranean Community in a continuous improvement process. roboforex review

PARADIGMA will integrate "point-solutions" in a reference structure, in order to achieve a knowledge-based platform that can be continuously enhanced to meet renewal and learning needs of all actors, through the concept of participation.

Its goal is the deployment of a network based information system to interconnect, using user friendly, context adaptive and affordable solutions, the actors at all levels in the Health Care Systems of the Euro-Mediterranean region with the scope of supporting and promoting a “PARticipative Approach to Disease Global Management”. RoboForex

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